In APC, we appreciate all of our partners and the great services and discounts they offer to our members. As a partner, you reach a membership body of more than 7500 aviation professionals, all living in Dubai or other parts of the UAE. 

By becoming a selected partner, your business will have the opportunity to advertise your products and services to our members at no cost in the following ways:

  • Space for your logo, description and images on the APC website and mobile application
  • Administrative access to the APC website, which allows you to update your description, contact details and images, as well as track web analytics
  • Opportunity to push special offers and promotions directly to members on the website, mobile application, and social media platforms



With an exclusive group of high earning professionals who all work within a lucrative industry, sponsorships have proved successful for many brands.

APC offers a comprehensive mix of sponsorship programs that include brand positioning and interaction with members in key areas of the business.


If you are interested in a partnership or sponsorship with the APC, please contact the Partner Relations Manager at